The 6th. Bochnia Rally

The Gór-Stal company supported the participation of Michał Bębenko in 6. Rally Bochnia, which took place on Saturday, 2 June. Nearly one hundred cars lined up at the start of the rally, in which the crews presented their abilities on special stages.

This is the sixth edition of the name rally Janusz Kulig - unforgettable rally champion from Lesser Poland. The crews at the event agree that technically difficult episodes are one of the most demanding in the season.

- It was hot later in rain, and most of all it was very fast. After the 5 summer break for the first time piloted by Rafał Rzemień we got to the finish line showing that even such a long break did not beat us from the rhythm of driving, and who knows, maybe soon we will see again on the rally routes - Mowi Michał Bębenek, rally driver.

This year's edition of the rally was won by the Civic Honda crew Szymon Żarran i Krzysztof Pietruszka - reaching for their first victory in a career with a majority of over 25 seconds over the next team.

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