TermPIR® boards with Keymark quality guarantee

The Gór-Stal company, a leading producer of termPIR insulation boards®, has Keymark certificates for its products. Buyers of products certified by Keymark benefit from a double warranty offered by the system that assesses both the product and the production facilities of the manufacturer.

The European Commission, wanting to create a single market, promotes pan-European "quality marks". Such a sign is Keymark, owned by the CEN and CENELEC European Standardization Committees. From 14 September 2018 in the group of Keymark certificate holders for insulation products is the company Gór-Stal.

The KEYMARK certificate has obtained insulation boards:

- termPIR® AL
- termPIR® WS
- termPIR® PK,
- termPIR® BT,
- termPIR® ETX
- termPIR® BWS
- termPIR® Agro AL,
- termPIR® Agro P.

Recall from 1 March 2003 year in the EU producers who want to market their products, it is mandatory to label them with the CE mark. The European Commission, taking care to create a single market, promotes pan-European "quality marks", just like Keymark. Thanks to its credibility, it replaces these national certificates and additionally provides total, unrestricted access to all markets of EU countries.

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