How to prevent pine martens in the attic

How to get rid of kun from the attic?
Many owners of single-family homes are struggling with the problem of kun, who lived in the attic. These animals destroy installations, cause unpleasant odors, and make noise during the night, fighting for territory. Attics of old houses are exceptionally attractive for them: they are dry and warm, and from the insulation material (eg mineral wool) sockets are easily built. How to get rid of these predators in a subtle way?

A tight roof
Problems are always best prevented. When it comes to marten, in their case the best preventive action is to seal the roof. All windows and openings in the attic should be secured with a fairly dense net through which no predator slips. It should also make it difficult for Kunas to get to the attic by wrapping the gutters with, for example, barbed wire. The choice of material for thermal insulation of the roof should be well considered. Styrofoam and mineral wool for kun are not a great obstacle - it is relatively easy to create communication routes in them. A good choice will be the PIR insulation board, which is resistant not only to marten activity, but also to other rodents and insects. The termPIR panels are additionally resistant to biological and chemical agents. Important
their advantage is also the possibility of washing with pressure washers, it works great in AGRO facilities.

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