Let's meet at the AGROTECH fair

We invite you to the jubilee, 25. edition of the AGROTECH fair, which will take place from 15 to 17 in March in Kielce. This is one of the most important events on the map of agricultural industry exhibitions in Poland. Every year, tens of thousands of farmers visit the event.

The International Fair of Agricultural Techniques is a quarter century of history and transformation of Polish agriculture. The exhibition can be seen in the 11 halls. In 2018, it has accumulated over a year 700 exhibitors from 24 countries around the world. Recall last year's exhibition saw over 70 000 visitors.

Such an important exhibition must not miss the Gorlic company that will present its own GORLICKA sandwich panels® and thermo-insulating panels®. Sandwich panels are a commonly used construction material for a light enclosure of industrial, warehouse, production halls, pavilions and commercial facilities, office buildings, administrative buildings, freezers and cold stores. In turn, termPIR plates® it's the perfect insulation of buildings, from foundations to the roof.

- Gór-Stal is trying to support construction investors, also from the agricultural sector. Running this type of investment for a modern farmer can be a complicated undertaking, primarily due to the larger scale of production than before, and the need to comply with strict requirements, including thermal and humidity conditions prevailing in livestock buildings. The construction materials used and the technologies used are therefore crucial - Mowi Jarosław Wilk, Managing Director of Gór-Stal Sp. z o. o

At this year's fair, we will present, among others, an insulation board termPIR® AGRO, which was designed primarily for livestock buildings. Its use means clear savings in heating and cooling costs, which in turn translates into increased efficiency of agricultural production. The product is a properly prepared polyisocyanurate plate produced with special coatings, adapted to work in specific conditions of the agricultural sector.

We cordially invite you to visit the Gór-Stal stand!

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