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The heat transfer coefficient is one of the most important parameters for the construction industry. Its value is important for single-family houses as well as public facilities and in industrial construction. This is due to ever-increasing heat prices. No wonder that new homes are currently being built in the way to be able to reduce their operating costs in the future.

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Walls Floors Roof
Heat loss factor lambda [W/m*K] 0.023 0.025 0.018
Heat loss factor heat transfer U 0.137 0.185 0.139
U compliant with the standard 2020
U compliant with the standard 2021
U compliant with the standard NF40
U compliant with the standard NF15
Heat loss factor heat loss for building 24.84 14.97 18.50
Heat loss factor heat loss for the whole building
9.5 °C
Temperature persisting in unheated rooms
Heat losses during the heating season
6357 kWh
Energy demand for heating during the heating season
Total CO2 emissions
12500 W
Selection of air conditioner power
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