About company

Producer of sandwich panels


Gór-Stal has been on the market for producers of building materials for over 17 years, providing solutions for industrial, residential and agricultural construction. Offering a wide range of modern wall, roof and cooling sandwich panels. The company's other activity profile is the production of termPIR® insulation boards.


Gór-Stal is a Polish company founded in 2003. It all began with the employment of 3 people, and 3 years later, another 25 employees were recruited into the sales, maintenance and warehouse department for the assembly of the new production line. The production of sandwich panels with a polyurethane core began in 2007 in Gorlice. In the following years, employment increased steadily - currently, the company employs over 200 people.


The founders and co-owners of the company are Adam Górski, a well-known investor from Nowy Sącz, and Franciszek Kluba, a Krakow businessman dealing in the trade and production of steel products. In November 2015, the company opened a new insulation board factory, which is located in the Special Economic Zone in Bochnia. termPIR® boards are designed for modern insulation of roofs, walls, floors and other partitions in residential and industrial construction.


Sandwich panels are appreciated by investors, designers and contractors. The company has a wide range of materials used in the construction of industrial, commercial and office halls, cold stores, freezers and livestock buildings. Quick and easy installation, the ability to carry out work even in difficult weather conditions, low investment costs, modernity and universality of the system make the boards the best material for construction.


We often talk about "quality certificates", "reliability certificates", "good company certificates" etc. There are many names, but everything comes down to one denominator - the purpose of having such a certificate is to obtain a document confirming the solidity and reliability of the company. In addition, the certificate is proof for customers that the company is trustworthy and operates fairly on the market. ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates confirm the company's compliance with international standards regarding quality management and environmental protection. The latest ISO standards required us to implement recognized risk management methods in Europe. System 1 AVCP certificate (for sandwich panels) testifies to the continuous supervision of the notified body over the production method and the declared parameters of sandwich panels. In this certification system, fire test samples are taken at random and tested by a manufacturer independent certification body. termPIR® boards, in addition to the CE mark, have the Keymark mark recognized on western thermal insulation markets, which is intended for high-end products. This certificate confirms the manufacturer's compliance with high requirements regarding, among others, the way production is carried out, testing and declaration of parameters (in particular thermal). All parameters contained in the declarations of performance are periodically and randomly verified by Keymark laboratories. The quality and safety of products is also confirmed by database entries in the Netherlands (EPDB), the Czech Republic (SVT) and Sweden (BVB, Sundahus). Currently, Gór-Stal is in the process of implementing further quality certificates: ATG for Belgium, KOMO for the Netherlands and Zulassung for Germany. Having the above certificates is also associated with constant supervision over the products. On average, monthly Gór-Stal factories are audited and its products tested in recognized institutes in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Hungary and Slovakia and checked by national research units having EU notifications: Certbud, ICiMB, IMBiGS, PCBC and ITB.


The Gór-Stal company - as a reputable manufacturer of termPIR® insulation boards and sandwich panels - is constantly expanding its product range and offers solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. The company's products guarantee the highest quality.