KOMO® is a collective or quality mark that is used in Dutch construction, both in civil and non-residential construction as well as in earthworks and hydraulic engineering.

The KOMO® Foundation manages quality labels. KOMO® certificates are issued by a certification body accredited for this purpose by the Dutch Accreditation Council and having a license agreement. There are approximately 7,000 KOMO® certificate holders. - We are very pleased that the high quality of our products has been recognized and found on the list of certified products - says Krystian Łukaszyk, Director of the Production Plant in Bochnia.

Companies can use the KOMO® quality label only if their product or service meets the quality requirements set out in the relevant assessment guidelines. Assessment guidelines are developed by an expert board under the supervision of a certifying authority, with the independence and proportional representation of stakeholders being assessed by KOMO® and the Dutch Accreditation Board.

Thanks to participants from 48 countries on almost all continents, the KOMO® quality system offers buyers and clients in the construction and infrastructure sector a reliable, international quality compass.
The KOMO® certificate applies to boards:
termPIR® AL (20-250 mm) for flat roofs and three-layer walls
termPIR® BT (20-250 mm) for flat roofs.