We specialize in the production of PIR boards, which are one of the components during thermal insulation works. We offer only high-quality insulation panels made of raw materials from reputable suppliers.

Where are PIR boards used?

PIR boards are perfect for polyurethane insulation of buildings and rooms in single-family houses. They can be used when insulating pitched roofs, attics, flat roofs, terraces, as well as ceilings, basements, foundations and floors. PIR boards for the wall can, in turn, be used to insulate both external two- and three-layer walls, as well as partition walls and other internal walls.

What are the advantages of a PIR insulation board?

The PIR insulation board has many advantages, thanks to which it is so often chosen when carrying out thermal insulation works in individual rooms in the building. First of all, it should be noted that this material can boast a very low thermal conductivity coefficient, thanks to which it does not allow heat to escape from the building, and thus the temperature in the room does not drop. The PIR board is very light, and at the same time extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Additional advantages of the PIR insulation board are resistance to moisture, solvents and fire. It is also important that this material is fully recyclable and its use does not adversely affect the natural environment.