Cellar walls

and foundation walls


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Due to their high compressive strength, termPIR boards successfully play the role of thermal insulation of underground storey walls. In addition, by using a glass veil lining boards impregnated with bituminous binder (termPIR®BWS), you can glue the waterproofing layer to the thermal insulation using bituminous glue. 

01. Bearing part of the wall
02. termPIR®AL/termPIR®BWS insulation boards 
03. Glue or fixing pins
04. Bucket foil
05. Concrete screed
Horizontal damp proof insulation
07. Strip foundation

Due to the high compressive strength, termPIR panels successfully act as thermal insulation for underground storey walls. Additionally, by using a board with a cladding made of glass veil soaked with bituminous binder (termPIR® BWS), it is possible to glue the waterproofing layer to the thermal insulation with bitumen glue.

In which buildings is it necessary to build a basement?

In the former construction industry, the basement of buildings was to improve insulation from the ground, protect the upper floors from flooding, and also provide additional storage space for various types of materials (coal, firewood, tools). Nowadays, the owners of houses erected on plots with uneven ground or a small area decide to build a basement. With problems with the space around the house, it is difficult to add additional rooms that can be used as utility rooms. In such situations, building a basement is essential.

Basement waterproofing

Properly executed waterproofing of walls in basement rooms protects them against the dangers of groundwater. The most dangerous of them is certainly the dampness or complete flooding of the basement walls. In order to effectively protect yourself against it, you should take care of waterproofing. The materials used during waterproofing work must be distinguished primarily by durability and solidity, as well as a very low water absorption coefficient, so as not to expose the walls to the possibility of moisture. The use of PIR boards for waterproofing basements provides the walls with high resistance to the harmful effects of groundwater, including the appearance of fungi and mold. Take advantage of our offer.