External wall

double layer (ETICS)


Build your energy- saving home with us

We have developed along with Termo Organika the ETICS thermal insulation system witch allows users to make the most of the advantages of modern PIR inuslation material when used in the most commonly used building insulation system: External Thermal Insulation Composite  System ( ETICS ).
This system is composed of  termPIR® ETX insulation boards, specially selected adhesives, fibreglass reinforcing mesh, several types of plaster and paints as well as dedicated primers. The system comes complete with a set of accessories necessary for proper installation of the system. 

01. Hollow brick wall 

02. Mineral or polyurethane adhesive
03. termPIR® ETX insulation boards glued and attached mechanically*
04. Reinforced fibre mesh, embedded in all- purpose adhesive *
05. Thin plaster coat and render finish 
06. Reinforced concrete tie beam 
Reinforced concrete ceiling

*The ETICS thermal insulation system comprises a termPIR® ETX insulation boards and Termo Organika components. For more information please read "Guidelines on Installing ETICS Insulation Systems".